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Evansville-Opoly: A property-trading board game about the great city of
Evansville, Indiana that’s been 200 years in the making! Standing proudly on
the Ohio River is the Four Freedoms Monument as testament to the role this
city played in the maintenance of liberty in the US.
The unmatched architecture of the Old Post Office, the Coliseum, and Willard
Library exemplify a love for Evansville’s history and its roots in tradition.
It is home to world-class industry and one of the largest street fairs in the
country, but with the new Arts District, Pigeon Creek Greenway, an award-
winning zoo, and The Ford Center, this city is also a hotbed of culture, sports
and entertainment that never stops growing.
So, Go EVV, roll the dice and grab a token that would only exist in Evansville-
Opoly!  Then start buying up local companies and organizations to make your
way around the board collecting City Blocks to get your Keys to the City. It
sounds easy enough, but get stuck at a light on the Lloyd, pay your Stowaway
Fee on the LST, or get spooked by the Grey Lady and it gets a lot more
difficult and even more fun!
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