Gigantosaurus The Game

The most exciting episode of Gigantosaurus yet is one you get to play in. But will you be the most roarsome explorer or the fastest racer?

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One GIGANTIC Adventure

Play together with friends and family to help Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and Bill save the day – before dino-dashing to the next zone. Dinosaurs have never had such giant fun!

Game Features

Gigantosaurus - Feature 1


Join Dino Buddies Rocky, Tony, Mazu and Bill on a daring quest to help Giganto and escape extinction.

Gigantosaurus - Feature 2


Hop in your race kart for a super rally to reach the next adventure zone and find out who’s the fastest dinosaur.

Gigantosaurus - Feature 3


You and up to 3 friends can control your favorite dino and create co-operative adventures together.

Explore and Race!

Explore and race across the prehistoric world of Gigantosaurus. Only you and your dino friends can dare to solve puzzles and save the day but you might need Giganto’s powers too! And the end of each story is the start of a super rally to the next zone.