Nick Jr. Party Adventure

You're invited on a Nick Jr. Party Adventure with lots of your favorite characters, in a puzzle platformer that everyone can enjoy! Have fun with Dora, Blue from Blue's Clues & You, Chase and Skye from PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and more friends to create one amazing celebration! The fun is about to start, but first you need to help look for party items! Join your friends in exploring colorful worlds from the shows you love and guide them to the goal. Jump with Dora, boost your way up ramps with Blaze, sail with Santiago, and teleport to new discoveries, by tapping interactive blocks that help you solve each puzzle in your path. This adventure is all about learning through play, either in single player or two-player co-operative mode. With 25 familiar characters from six popular shows, Nick Jr. Party Adventure is bound to feature one of your TV favorites. So come and be part of the Nick Jr. universe and bring the party to life!

Available: 10/11/24


Including Dora, Blue from Blue's Clues & You, PAW Patrol pups, and more.

Join favorite Nick Jr. friends on this colorful, interactive adventure!

Gif_Nick JR Explore the universe

EXPLORE THE NICK JR UNIVERSE – Adventure in six colorful, safe, and familiar worlds.

Gif_Nick JR Two player fun

TWO PLAYER FUN – Play in single player or local co-operative mode

Gif_Nick JR Became a Star

BECOME A NICK JR. STAR – Create your character and unlock stylish new clothes and accessories.


Bounce on springs, boost up ramps, and teleport to new discoveries

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