Ambassadors Club - Outright Games

Welcome to the Ambassadors Club!

We have launched our Ambassadors Club which can be accessed through our new official Discord server. Content creators will be able to join and sign up for the most up to date information about Outright Games titles including some of the biggest and best family friendly licensed games in the world!

Outright Games’s Ambassadors Club is a destination for our community to come together and celebrate all of our titles, share our gameplay videos, discuss upcoming releases and fan favourite titles, all with direct input and feedback from the Outright Games team.

The vetting process will continue until December 15th, when we will then select our first official OG Ambassadors. Please note we will have limited spot available for the first wave of ambassadors, so please don't worry if you are not selected this time around, there will be opportunities to take part in the future.


How can you become an ambassador?

To begin your journey to become an OG Ambassador, you’ll need to have your very own Discord account and join the official Outright Games Discord channel using this invite link!

*The requirements to join are explained within the server.

Make sure to agree to our Ts & Cs and ensure you follow the server guidelines to keep things safe and friendly for everyone on the platform.

Next please join the #Become_Ambassador channel on the server, and follow the automated instructions to fill in some key details on your social channels and platforms.

From there you will be a candidate and can start sharing your favourite gameplay clips from Outright Games titles in the Discord server, discuss all things OG and let us know what you’re excited about from our upcoming line up of games.

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

- Full access to our lineup of games

- Codes for our extensive back catalogue of titles, as well as new releases to ensure you have everything you need to play, share and enjoy our games.

- You will also be amongst the first in the world to play our games on the day of release.

- Access to exclusive VIP merch packs at our game launches and other toys and gifts to unbox and give away to your audiences.

Join our Discord

Outright Games will make sure to support you as well; providing all the most up to date information on our games, supporting your content by sharing and promoting via our social channels and ensuring the whole community is seeing all of your incredible videos and gameplay moments.

From time to time, you can also expect visits from the OG team in your streams and videos. We would love to see how creative you can be with our games.