Peppa Pig’s latest adventure begins as Peppa Pig: World Adventures launches today

Players can take a world tour with Peppa and even involve family and friends in this follow up to 2021’s hit game My Friend Peppa Pig


London (17th March) – Outright Games, the leading publisher of family-friendly interactive entertainment, in partnership with Hasbro are pleased to today launch Peppa Pig: World Adventures on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. Fans can join Peppa on the trip of a lifetime and build a house in Peppa’s neighbourhood including their own family and friends in this new, interactive story driven game.

Inspired by several episodes of the hugely popular TV series, fans can fly, drive and sail to some of the most famous places in the world including New York, Hollywood Boulevard, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Buckingham Palace in London and many more.

Explore in style with a host of new outfits and accessories and complete a greater variety of quests and mini-games than ever before, encountering new and exciting experiences along the way. Fans will meet new characters and even run into some familiar faces on their travels.

The fun just isn’t on the road! Players can become interior designers and create a unique home decorated with souvenirs from their trip in Peppa’s neighbourhood. In addition to making a home, players can really test their creative skills and bring their family and friends into the story. There’s a host of clothing and accessories to choose from and players can even make family and friends look like their favourite characters!

There are multiple features to make the game accessible for younger players including a guided tutorial at the start, a simple and intuitive menu and narration throughout, as well as easy and simple to use mechanics which require the same buttons of the controller so children can easily internalise them.

David Moral, Lead Producer from Petoons said “We knew we had to find exciting new adventures and locations for this game and after being inspired by episodes of the TV series where Peppa travels, we felt that would be a great fit for what we were trying to achieve. It meant we could add more variety to the gameplay and also work in some exciting but simple mechanics for players to enjoy such as driving through the famous New York traffic!

We always work hard on the design and overall tone to make sure the humour and feel of the show is there and one of our main aims for this game was to make the customisation bigger and better to again give players that variety. There’s so many options players can use to input their family into the game and build their home in Peppa’s world. We want players to be really creative and express themselves and have lots of fun with this mechanic.

We’re very proud of our work on this game and this global beloved brand and we can’t wait for everyone to play it.’’

Beth Goss, CEO of Outright Games said: “We have had the honour of working with Hasbro across 4 titles and it has been a delight to bring the global celebrity Peppa Pig onto new platforms. We are now seeing children of preschool age and their parents embracing video games, allowing for fans to enjoy Peppa Pig in new and exciting ways. Peppa Pig: World Adventures is our latest accessible game that fosters independent and creative play. Inspired by specific episodes from the TV show, we wanted to adapt iconic elements that children would instantly recognise and widen the scope and possibilities of the Peppa Pig IP.”

Peppa Pig first aired on screens in 2004 and has since grown to become the best friend of  pre-schoolers worldwide. Distributed in 180 countries, the PEPPA PIG licence is a benchmark that affects parents and especially children from all continents and cultures by supporting them in everyday life situations. She helps preschoolers explore and expand their understanding of their own world through the experiences of their Friend Peppa. Peppa Pig: World Adventures will be the second Peppa Pig video game to be released in two years following the huge success of 2021’s My Friend Peppa Pig.

Eugene Evans, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Digital Licensing from Hasbro said: “We’re thrilled Peppa is back and better than ever for her next video game adventure in Peppa Pig: World Adventures. We’ve enjoyed working closely with Outright Games and developers Petoons to make a game that brings the best of the TV series and brand to consoles and PCs worldwide. Peppa has been at the top of her game for nearly twenty years and shows no signs of slowing down.”

Peppa Pig: World Adventures will be released today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Check out the brand new launch trailer and other assets below.

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