Two great videogames for Peppa Pig Fans to enjoy this festive seasons

Become Peppa’s best friend or travel the world with her in these fun video games.


Peppa Pig burst onto screens in 2004 and has made a lasting impression on us and our little piggies ever since. Full of engaging stories, colourful animation, and light-hearted humour, these video games will be perfect gifts that all ages and languages can enjoy.


1. Peppa Pig: World Adventures
Kids Adventure – PEGI: 3 | ESRB: E

Peppa Pig with her friend and their family on the moon with Super Potato and Hashbrown in Peppa Pig World Adventures videogame..

In Peppa Pig: World Adventures, players get to join Peppa and her family on a series of exciting adventures worldwide, from busy cities like New York and London to charming villages in Italy and Germany and far-out places like the Australian Outback.

What’s great about this game is that they’ll build their own home in Peppa’s neighbourhood and decorate it with souvenirs and items they collect on their travels. They’ll also create their own family in their unique way. Be a family of cats, kangaroos, goats, or whatever they choose.


2. My Friend Peppa Pig
Kids Adventure – PEGI: 3 | ESRB: E

Peppa Pig playing in a muddy puddle in My friend Peppa Pig the videogame.

Choose My Friend Peppa Pig if you want to ignite your little one’s imagination by becoming Peppa Pig’s new friend. All they have to do is create and dress their character, then ring Peppa’s doorbell to begin a story that’s all up to them. From the Beach to the Museum and even Potato City. Every playtime will be a new experience with their friend, Peppa Pig. They can continue the fun aboard Captain Hog’s boat in My Friend Peppa Pig Complete Edition.

Peppa Pig and her friends walking through a tunnel in My Friend Peppa Pig: Pirate Adventure DLC

Set sail, explore new locations such as Molly Mole’s underground burrow or visit Belinda Bear’s house.
This game works for all ages, especially tiny ones wanting to get into gaming since it uses simple buttons and narration. They’ll have help every step of the way.


Peppa Pig World Adventures and My Friend Peppa Pig are a must-have for fans of the Peppa Pig franchise. Both games feature characters – old and new, engaging gameplay, and beautiful environments. These games are sure to provide hours of light entertainment for young players. Whether your kid is a long-time fan of Peppa Pig or just looking for fun and family-friendly games to play this festive season, they’re worth checking out.