‘PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance’ leaps into action on consoles and PC today

Save the world and beyond in the brand new superpowered video game set in the vibrant world of PJ Masks: Power Heroes


London, 15th March 2024: Today, Outright Games, the leading publisher of family-friendly interactive entertainment, in partnership with Hasbro, a global leader in play, officially launch their newest video game, PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance. This single-player, side-scrolling adventure game, set in the dynamic and colourful world of PJ Masks: Power Heroes, promises a new exciting adventure for the superheroes of all ages. PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Following an experiment gone wrong, pieces of the PJ Power Q scatter across the world and beyond. It is up to the PJ Masks: Power Heroes to band together and find the missing pieces before Luna Girl, Night Ninja and Romeo utilise the technology for their own evil schemes. Play as Catboy, Owelette, Gekko, Newton Star, An Yu, Ice Cub, Bastet and Lilyfay as they embark on a globe-trotting, star-crossing adventure across 4 unique locations around and out of this world. Master missions and solve puzzles by utilising the characters’ individual special abilities and avoid obstacles left by the mischievous villains, before confronting the main baddies in epic boss battles.

PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance includes many adaptive playability features to ensure accessibility of play no matter how young the player. From easy enemy AI options, to magnetic gems, to jump assistance, PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance has been designed with all players in mind, allowing them to jump straight into the action for engaging and entertaining gameplay, no matter their skill level. The game also features full voiceover, and options for colourblind players. Fans of all ages can expect dynamic and engaging gameplay in this side-scrolling platformer that any budding young superhero will enjoy.

Stephanie Malham, COO of Outright Games said: “With its fantastic characters, exciting universe and action-packed storylines, PJ Masks is a natural fit for video games, so it has been a pleasure creating a second video game in this universe. PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance is a bold and dynamic game that expands on and stays true to the already hugely popular franchise. It has been a wonderful experience creating an enjoyable and safe playing experience for young fans, who are just starting to cut their teeth in the world of gaming.”

PJ Masks premiered on Disney Junior in 2015 and follows the adventures of the PJ Masks – a trio of ordinary children by day and masked superheroes by night. In 2023 the continuation series – PJ Masks: Power Heroes – was launched and continued to follow the adventures of Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, while introducing new diverse hero characters; Newton Star, An Yu, Ice Cub, Bastet, Lilyfay, and Armadylan.

PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance is available now on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5®, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Steam.

Check out the full game launch trailer below.