‘JUMANJI: The Video Game’ Playstation 5 Enhanced Edition Launches Today!

Unite in adventure and laugher in the action-packed game of Jumanji


Today sees the next-gen release of ‘JUMANJI: The Video Game’ on PlayStation 5 adding faster loading times, 4k dynamic resolution, HDR and frame rates of up to 120 FPS for the first time ever!

Existing PlayStation 4 owners will also be able to upgrade for free and get the next gen version at no additional cost, so they can jump straight into the adventure from today.

‘JUMANJI: The Video Game’ was first released on PlayStation 4 in November 2019, featuring four player online and couch co-op, that allows players to explore and adventure as the hilarious heroes from the most recent JUMANJI film franchise.  

We’re very excited to see players old and new enter the world of JUMANJI so please do let us know if you have any additional questions about this new release 

Key Features

  • RETURN TO THE JUNGLE – Play as movie heroes Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse, and Prof. Shelley in a hilarious new 3D action adventure.
  • TEAM UP – In *online or split-screen modes, work together with up to three friends or AI teammates to defeat enemies, survive deadly traps, and save the world. *Online Mode supported on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam.
  • ENDLESS ADVENTURE – As you hone your skills and strategies, and unlock new outfits and weapon styles, no two rounds of Jumanji are ever the same!
  • UNITE IN ADVENTURE- and laughter in the action-packed game of Jumanji, as you try to survive the ultimate challenge for those seeking to leave their world behind!
  • SAVE THE DAY – There’s an army of evil marauders to take on, deadly beasts and traps to dodge, and cool customizations to unlock.

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