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‘Jumanji: Wild Adventures’ New Gameplay Trailer Spotted in the Wild

Quest alone or party up in 4-player couch co-op as you work together to retrieve The Jewel of Jumanji and return home


Hey there,

Outright Games, the leading global publisher of family-friendly video games has released today the brand new gameplay trailer for their 4-player, action-adventure video game Jumanji: Wild Adventures.

Based on the most recent entries in the film franchise, Jumanji: Wild Adventures reunites Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, and Professor Shelly Oberon as they journey through winding wilderness, overcoming fierce foes to find The Jewel of Jumanji and return home.

The all-new gameplay trailer features these beloved characters as they fight, flee, and clamber their way through cliffs, jungles, and temples. There’s also a first look at their special abilities in action, which will be essential in defeating some of the more ‘unwelcoming’ Jumanji residents.

This new gameplay trailer has been released ahead of the game’s first hands-on experience at Gamescom 2023, the world’s largest gaming event, taking place in Cologne, Germany on August 23rd.

Launching on 3rd November 2023, Jumanji: Wild Adventures offers a thrilling co-op, action-adventure experience for the whole family.

Check out the brand new gameplay trailer and other assets below.

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