‘Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed’, the ultimate mecha showdown exclusively to Nintendo Switch™ OCTOBER 16th, 2020

Unleash the power of Zoids with a brand new story and stunning graphics faithful to the anime


London, July 9th, 2020 – TOMY Company, Ltd. and Outright Games, the leading worldwide publisher of family-friendly interactive entertainment have awakened the call to bring Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed, from Japan to the rest of the world. This brand new Zoids video game combines simple and intuitive 3D combat with spectacular, anime graphics and is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch™ on October 16th 2020.

In Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed players will let loose the wild mecha power and animal instincts of Zoids, in breathtaking, head-to-head battles against friends or in a new single player Zoids story that follows the war between Arashi’s Team Freedom and the power-hungry Team Dark Metal.

“We are thrilled to be part of the charge, bringing this newest iteration of the legendary Zoids franchise to the West” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “This is an intergenerational brand that resonates with kids and adults alike, and we can’t wait for everyone to dive into the action and play together later this year.”

This brand new video game is based on the smash hit ‘Zoids Wild’ anime series, the latest iteration of the 35+ year global franchise that spans model kits, comics, TV and video games. With faithful anime graphics, and intuitive 3D combat, Zoids Wild Blast Unleashed is the ultimate mecha showdown!

Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed launches October 16th 2020 exclusively on Nintendo Switch and can be pre-ordered now.


Key Features

  • Go head to head – Compete in 1vs1 mecha battles with breathtaking 3D combat
  • Enter the Zoids universe – Play as a large cast of Zoids characters with faithful visuals
  • New story – Join the war between factions and discover a new Zoids sub-species
  • 2-player action – Test your skills against other players
  • Simple controls – Easily chain moves and devastate opponents with your Final Blast


Watch the brand new announce trailer below.

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