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We have young people in mind and understand the importance of education, safety, and enjoyment in children's lives.

*Disclaimer: UNICEF does not endorse any brand, company, product or service.

UNICEF relies on voluntary contributions to uphold its mission of reaching every child. The Core Resources for Results fund raises money that can be used flexibly for children wherever and whenever the need is greatest. 

The money raised through the fund goes towards long-term projects that enable UNICEF to meet children’s needs, but also allows them to respond quickly to emergency situations.

You can find more information about UNICEF’s funding for Core Resources for Results and support here.

We aim to raise £200,000

This year, we started our commitment to support UNICEF. Since April 28th 2023, we have been donating 100% of the profits from our special video game bundles. To celebrate World Children's Day, we will contribute up to £100,000 from the profits of all digital sales on November 20th to UNICEF, the world's leading organisation working to build a better world for every child.

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World Children's Day

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World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s annual day of action for children by children, marking the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

From climate change, education and mental health to ending racism and discrimination, children and young people are raising their voices on the issues that matter to their generation and calling for adults to create a better future. 

This World Children’s Day, it’s more important than ever that the world listens to their ideas and demands. 

On 20 November, kids will stand up for their rights. We would like you to join us in showing your support.

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*Disclaimer: UNICEF does not endorse any brand, company, product or service.

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