Video Games for Little Gamers who love Bluey, PAW Patrol, and Peppa Pig!

Here are our top picks of the perfect games to play with your favorite little buddy.


The festive holidays mean spending more time with your kids. And if you love to play video games this could be a great way to pass the time or start a new hobby with them. Here’s a round-up of the games we think would be great for you and the family. It’s time to get merry and play!


1. Bluey: The Videogame
Family & Adventure – PEGI: 3+ | ESRB: E


For real life! The whole family can join the Heeler family in Bluey: The Videogame. Play a brand-new story set across four interactive adventures. Explore iconic locations such as the Heeler House, Playgrounds, Creek, and even the Beach! Watch your favourite games from the TV show come to life, as you discover who’s the real Keepy Uppy expert in the family and who can freeze the longest after a game of Magic Xylophone. Explore and collect items for your sticker book, unlock outfits and uncover the many secrets and hidden references throughout each location.

The fun won’t stop there. You and your little Bluey fans can connect with others with local multiplayer in story mode and free play. The game isn’t trifficult, just a lot of fun!


2. PAW Patrol World
Action & Adventure – PEGI: 3+ | ESRB: E


PAW Patrol World is great for old and new gamers as they roam freely in this 3D adventure game. Mayor Humdinger and his Kittens Catastrophe Crew bring mayhem to the PAW Patrol Day festival. It is up to the PAW Patrol to save the day, completing TV show-inspired missions that take them all over Adventure Bay, Jake’s Mountain, the Jungle, and Barkingburg.
They can customize their game with countless collectibles, including emotes, costumes, stickers, and even artworks for the Chickaletta Exhibition.

It is the ultimate playtime for one or two players, so you, a sibling or a friend are welcome to join the fun.


3. Peppa Pig: World Adventures
Kids Adventure – PEGI: 3+ | ESRB: E


In Peppa Pig: World Adventures, players get to join Peppa and her family on a series of exciting adventures worldwide, from busy cities like New York and London to charming villages in Italy and Germany and far-out places like the Australian Outback.

What’s great about this game is that they’ll build their own home in Peppa’s neighbourhood and decorate it with souvenirs and items they collect on their travels. They’ll also create their own family in their unique way. Be a family of cats, kangaroos, goats, or whatever they choose.


Which one will you pick to make memories with your little ones this festive season?